Phase 2 Amended, September 3, 2021

Phase 2  In-person Attendance with the following mitagtion strategies..
o All areas follow social distancing to the extent possible.
o Parent(s)/guardian(s) and other visitors will only be allowed in the building by appointment during school hours.  Children will be met at school entry points by school personnel. 
o Masks are required for all regardless of vaccination status.
o Masks are required indoors for all when not able to maintain social distancing.
o Masks are required on buses and school transportation.
o Staff will self-check for symptoms before reporting to work.
o Student health screenings will be conducted by the school nurse as needed. 
      If temperature of 100.0 I.C.E procedures- Isolate, Contact parent, Exit the building.  Each                building will have their own isolation room.
             Norris Elementary- Ms. Cady’s classroom
             WR Elementary- Rm 314-315, West relocatable 
             6-8  Room  314-315
             9-12 Nurses Office
o Food Service- Staggered schedule, meals in rooms, hallways, and in cafeteria following social distancing guidelines.
o Physical Education and Recess-  Masks not required when doing physical activity.
o Busing/parent-student transportation- Bus routes are remaining the same but students will be dropped off at the following: WREL- designated grade level entrances, MS- lunchroom, HS- main entrance, 
Norris EL- main entrance.
o Close Contact Tracing- See the policy on page 5 of the Start School Plan.