renew energy

On June 29th, White River School District was announced as a Selectee for the Renew America’s Schools grant, a funding opportunity from the Office of State and Community Energy Programs (SCEP) at the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE).  Our district, along with 23 other Selectees, will share $178 million in awards to support the implementation of energy improvements in our schools.


The Renew America’s Schools grant is a first-of-its-kind competitive award that garnered unprecedented interest and engagement from schools across the country. DOE received 236 full applications from Local Education Agencies (LEAs) across 44 states.  Requests totaled $1.62B. In response to high demand and overwhelming evidence of need, DOE doubled the funds available in the first round of the competition from $80 million to $178 million. 


We plan to use this funding to lower utilities costs, reduce emissions, and create healthier learning environments for our students, teachers and community. Follow along as we move through the award process to see the impact that these funds will make.