After Prom Party

The Post Prom Party is an all-night, drug and alcohol free party for WRHS students and their dates. All money for entertainment, prizes, games, and food are raised thru donations. The party will chaperoned by adults.

Students must arrive by 12:45 AM. The Post Prom Party will get over at approximately 5:00 AM.

The attendees will stay at the school and plans include caricature drawing, games, prizes, and breakfast. There will be adult supervision always.

NO drugs or alcohol will be allowed in the party.

This party is for WRHS students and their dates only.

Anyone leaving the Post Prom Party before 4:30 AM will have their parent/guardian contacted.

Out of town guests/school guests will be exempt from some prices.

Breakfast will be served at the school at the end of the party for all WRHS students and dates.

Permission forms are in the High School office.