White River Middle School Tiger Support

The purpose of Tiger Support is to effectively identify and support at-risk students through mandatory after-school tutoring. This program will serve as an intervention to students that are currently failing one or more classes at White River Middle School. This homework support program will provide students one-on-one opportunities with certified instructors that are able and willing to help students after school. 

Tiger Support will be modeled after the “Power of ICU” professional development/ student intervention program and is NOT an after-school program for ALL students. Tiger Support is only geared towards the most at-risk students that are currently failing. 

Tiger Support will be mandatory for any student failing a class at WRMS. Tiger Support will be from 3:45 - 5:00 pm. Transportation will be provided for students along bus routes. Students that are notified and fail to show up for Tiger Support will be in-school suspended with grades and homework counted as missing. Tiger Support will begin February 22, 2021, and continue until further notice. 

Parents and guardians need to plan accordingly if their student is failing a class. 

Example: My child must attend Tiger Support from 3:45 - 5:00 if they are failing a course. I would need to plan to pick up my child at 5:00 pm.

Bus Students: Students that ride the bus must have an approved pass to ride the late vehicle. Students that do not have a Tiger Support pass will not be allowed to ride the bus and parents will be notified to pick them up.

Example: I am a child that rides the bus. I stayed after school to hang out with friends. I try to get on the late bus but do not have a Tiger Support pass (because I did not attend Tiger Support) and I am denied by the driver. A parent or guardian is now responsible for getting me home.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact the White River Middle School office at (605) 259-3135.